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Netflix instant movies

It’s not like Hollywood is slowly, they are rather asleep. While their distribution model has stuck in the past, the bullet train (customer expectations) has long departed. I see a movie advertising and I want to see it tonight – not in a cinema for which I need to buy tickets, have to go there […]

Tesla goes online-first

That’s bold! Elon Musk just announced, that Tesla will transform most of its store to service centers and sell it’s cars only through their website. Keep in mind, Tesla stores are supposed to have the highest sales per square meter (even more than Apple) – and still online retail is seen as more effective (by […]

The Power of Play

parislemon: Seth Stevenson talking to Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield: “Play is a really fundamental activity that’s perhaps underappreciated in mainstream culture,” says Butterfield. “It’s a great basis for human interaction. Playfulness means not just silliness but an experimental attitude. Looking at the world sideways and being curious.” Slack can sometimes feel like a game—one where […]

Importance of building platforms

“Bill Gates got it immediately. It took Andy Grove 10 years to figure it out, and 20 years for Steve Jobs.”— David B. Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School, on the importance of building platforms, not just products.

Definition of success

“There’s this thing in technology, almost a disease, where the definition of success is making the most. How many clicks did you get, how many active users do you have, how many units did you sell? Everybody in technology seems to want big numbers. Steve never got carried away with that. He focused on making […]

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