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The antivirus is dead, long live the antivirus!

The good old times, the winning quality of antivirus solution depended on how fast would they find out about a new threat, then add its fingerprint to the signature files (to be able to block it) and finally distribute it to its customers. Too many steps where each could go wrong. Today, with >1 million […]

Car – pick up the groceries and come back

Best quotes from Elon’s investor talk on Car Autonomy: In the future, people will want to outlaw people driving their own cars because they’ll be unsafe The probability of the steering wheel being taken away is 100%. Consumers will demand it. We have quite a good simulation, but it doesn’t fully capture the real world. […]

3D point cloud of Notre Dame

Andrew Tallon worked for years with most modern laser scanners to capture the entirety of the Notre Dame cathedral’s interior and exterior in meticulous 3D point clouds – resulting in a billion points of light, revealing a living structure. Great National Geographic documentary (watch).

What’s outside the simulation?

Elon Musk’s answer during an intriguing interview on Artificial Intelligence (must-watch!) to what would he ask an an all-knowing-machine (AGI) : …“What’s outside the simulation?”

Write emails with military precision

You hear often, that email is broken – and a magical software tool is going to solve it. I don’t think so. But you can solve it. Here is a great guide from Harvard Business Review. Key take aways: Write the necessary action in the subject. Example: ACTION, DECISION, SIGN, INFO. I love it, especially […]

The video game subscription wars are on

The problem isthat the economics right now don’t incentivize game publishers to license their content to tech companies.

“Could Google be successful? They would have to do it the way Apple did it,” Pachter adds. “A la carte sales first (iTunes), and a subscription option later (Apple Music).”

All you need to know about Digital Transformation

Some guiding principles: “New Technology” + “Old Process” = “Expensive Old Process“ “New Technology” + “Old Organization” = “Expensive Old Organization“ “New Technology” + “Bad Behavior” = “Expensive Bad Behavior“

Expect the unexpected

Tesla has changed its price strategy now for the 3rd time in the last 30 days 🙂 May it is part of their strategy…

Dr. Elon vs Mr. Musk

Great read about the “production hell” at Tesla (written by a Pulitzer Prize author, published in 2019) “In the mid-2000s, the company was designing the luxury Model S when Musk insisted the car needed handles that would lie flush against its body. They would glide out, as if by magic, just as the owner reached […]

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