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“Disruptive Innovations Create Jobs, Efficiency Innovations Destroy Them” — Clayton Christensen

“Amazon doesn’t have to guess what people want, it just has to wait for others to get it wrong. Amazon doesn’t innovate by crafting new product categories, like Apple does. It also doesn’t make much money selling its hardware. Instead, it takes all the data it gathers as the world’s biggest online retailer, breaks down […]

Importance of scarcity

“And the thing I came to, thinking about this problem, was abundance breaks more things than scarcity. Society’s really good at managing scarcity. If something is really valuable but hard to do, we develop a profession and we have all these pricing models, blah, blah, blah. Once something becomes so cheap that it’s not worth […]

My appearance on “Stern TV”

My appearance on “Stern TV” (2.10.2013 on RTL), where I discuss the introduction of the market transparency for gasoline prices

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