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Interview with me in “Spiegel” etc.

Just saw that “Spiegel”, “Welt”, “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”, “Frankfurter Rundschau” (and few others) just published my interview with dpa about the “real” internet speed compared to the one as often advertised by the large DSL providers. Key issue is that there is a clear discrepancy between the advertising and the actual internet speed (which is confirmed […]

The real sense of Inception

Haha… I can’t deny, “Inception” has something… After you have watched it, you ask yourself about the big take away idea. After a long search, I found it: “If you run a Virtual Machine inside a Virtual Machine inside a Virtual Machine inside a Virtual Machine, everything will be very slow” (via @mytz) 😉

Truth about flights

Flying is great 🙂 You are excited to be in a completely different place many thousands kilometers away within only few hours… But the flying experience is something that may scare you away. In-transparent ticket prices (typically not flexible and with 5 unmentioned service charges), long expensive transport to the airports, huge waiting lines for […]

Illusion of a neutral internet?

Is today’s internet neutral? Hmm… no, but the situation could get much worse. Decisions and agreements which are now heavily discussed in the US may result in a global paradigm shift. When it comes to internet, there are typically following 3 parties involved:  Internet Service Provider (securing the infrastructure and access for users and publishers) […]

FaceTime: Mobile video calling “reloaded”

Video calling is a very intriguing and old concept. But somehow it does not seem to catch up! What went wrong? Key barriers until now: Price: As happened to mobile internet in the past, it did not pick up until the prices went down. Today mobile operators ask you to pay an astronomic price premium […]

2010 – we are coming!

2010 expects us with a huge number of revolutionary developments, some of them I’ll try to cover. Cars of the future The concept of a future car is changing much faster than before. New engine technologies (hybrid or electric), new designs / materials, new car types (e.g. X1, X6 etc) and muuch more intelligent (security […]

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