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Interview with me in “Spiegel” etc.

Just saw that “Spiegel”, “Welt”, “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”, “Frankfurter Rundschau” (and few others) just published my interview with dpa about the “real” internet speed compared to the one as often advertised by the large DSL providers.

Key issue is that there is a clear discrepancy between the advertising and the actual internet speed (which is confirmed by millions of user speedtests on & Co). But (!) the source of the slow-downs is not necessarily the “just” provider. An old computer, an overloaded or wrongly configured Windows, a defect network card or a weak WiFi signal – have a direct negative impact on the achieved internet speed. And finally – even the fastest internet connection does not compensate a slowly website…

It is great to see that the topic is still hot and will be even more up-to-date – once we start paying more attention to the speed of our mobile data connections 🙂 … where today we still assume that it is normal that it is slowly and unreliable

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