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Truth about flights

Flying is great 🙂 You are excited to be in a completely different place many thousands kilometers away within only few hours…

But the flying experience is something that may scare you away. In-transparent ticket prices (typically not flexible and with 5 unmentioned service charges), long expensive transport to the airports, huge waiting lines for check-ins (if you have luggage), annoying security checks (sir, please put your shoes off… why??), lost time waiting for boarding then taking off, noisy neighbors, no space, no normal food or drinks (i have never seen such small portions of drinks or chips) etc etc..

It is a unique example where an industry managed to destroy the experience to such a level, where people would partially prefer a train of 7 hours over a short flight of 45 minutes just to avoid the stress.

A New York Times blogger published few very funny drawings he did about his transatlantic flight:

And here one of my favorite comments about the airline experience by George Colin:

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